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Aims for 2021/2022

Our School Aims for 2021 – 2022

In 2021/22, we have a whole school focus on curriculum, on character & on challenge for all. Coaching & mentoring is our fourth focus area – ensuring all members of staff work in partnership to develop our curriculum vision, our pedagogy for teaching & learning and our moral purpose in order to provide a first-class education.

Priority One: Continue to develop our bespoke curriculum to promote outstanding learning across all subjects.

  • We are continuing to develop our bespoke curriculum, embedding our teaching & learning pedagogy firmly into all areas of learning.
  • We continue to embed the ‘Write Stuff’ writing pedagogy in English, developing & extending children’s knowledge of and ability to manipulate vocabulary and sentence structures for effect.
  • We are also revisiting our approach to reading to develop & extend children’s skills in talking about books. Alongside this, we are excited to be able to refresh our class reading stock to provide an even wider range of texts to engage all levels of readers.
  • A new spelling scheme in KS2 helps children to apply their phonic knowledge when spelling new or unfamiliar words.
  • Our wider curriculum provision is being reviewed so that we can extend the range of well-planned activities to enhance our current provision.
  • We are working to review and refine effective transitions between key stages.

Priority Two: Ensure that the school’s work to develop pupil’s character is exemplary.

  • We are developing our own definition of ‘character education’ drawing on that given by Ofsted and linking it to our own school values.
  • We have identified a number of influential people from a range of cultures, times and backgrounds who embody our school values. Children have the chance to explore, discuss and explain the significance of these people to the world around us.
  • We are working to extend this work further, creating a fully-planned & resourced scheme of work that supports our values-led character education.
  • Our new P.S.H.E scheme ‘ Jigsaw’ also supports the development of character education.
  • Assemblies are carefully planned to support this approach.

Priority Three: Ensure that every child in our school achieves highly. SEND & vulnerable pupils achieve exceptionally well.

  • Our pedagogical approach to teaching & learning targets & supports learning at a whole class and individual level.
  • Our planning & progression documents are in place & used to adapt the curriculum to make sure it meets the needs of the children.
  • Regular meetings are held to discuss the best ways to help children make progress.
  • Staff have access to training that helps them to meet the needs of the children in their class.
  • The new hub facility is in place to support children with social & emotional needs e.g. easing anxiety at the start of the school day.

Priority Four: We want to ensure all members of staff work in partnership (coaching & mentoring) to develop our curriculum vision, pedagogy for teaching & learning & our moral purpose to provide a first-class education.

  • An effective coaching and mentoring strategy is in place to provide support for all staff.
  • Subject leaders are supported to develop their areas through mentoring.
  • A program to allow teaching assistants time to shadow colleagues is in place as part of the coaching & mentoring strategy.