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At Madginford, we believe mathematics is essential for everyday life and understanding of our world. We want all children to see themselves as mathematicians and understand the importance of maths in everyday life. Every child will have a positive attitude towards the learning of mathematics and enthusiasm for the subject.

Since 2018/19, we have been using a mastery approach, which encourages the use of the CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, abstract). We have worked closely with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (N.C.E.T.M.) to develop the concept of ‘Maths Mastery’ in which all children fully grasp concepts before they are moved on within the curriculum. 

This approach includes the use of whole class teaching where all children are working on the same learning objective together before moving on. Children’s knowledge is deepened through the use of challenge and the development of their reasoning skills rather than accelerating onto new curriculum content. Long term gaps in learning are prevented through speedy teacher intervention as early as possible.

Lessons begin with an anchor task, which is a question that introduces the lesson’s objective or recaps previous learning. This is followed by guided practise which is teacher led, where examples of a learning concept are explored together. Finally, an independent activity allows the children to practise and apply their skills. This approach embeds the three main areas of maths: fluency, problem-solving and reasoning. 

In addition to five maths lessons, children also partake in three arithmetic sessions each week. These lessons teach the children specific methods for solving a range of problems using the four operations, allows the chance to practise times tables and practise test style questions. Weekly use of Maths Shed allows children to practise arithmetic skills at home.

In Years 2-6, children regularly practise their times tables using a range of interactive programmes. Children enjoy challenging themselves every week to beat their own personal scores. We use the Times Table Rockstars programme to encourage children to practise their times table regularly, build their confidence and beat their high scores. 

Maths Scheme

We follow the White Rose scheme of work.

There are some helpful resources for parents here.