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Meet the Team

Our Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A. Woolcombe (Headteacher)

Mrs Y. Best (Assistant Head: Inclusion)

Miss C. Allen (Assistant Head: Curriculum & Assessment)

Mrs J. Cross (KS1 Manager, Year 1 Teacher &  Lead)

Miss L. Stamp (K.S.2 Manager & Raising Standards Lead)

Mrs J. Hodges (Lead D.S.L & Wrap-Around Care Lead)

Year Group Leader Teams

Our year group leader manages and organise the day-to-day running of the year group. They are your first point of contact for any queries or concerns.

Mrs A. Chambers (EYFS)

Mrs J. Cross (Y1)

Mr J. Bevan (Y2)

Miss S. Perkins (Y3)

Miss H. Ralph (Y4)

Mr P. Hollamby (Y5)

Miss S. Chaplin (Y6)

Our Subject Leader Teams

Our subject leaders develop, manage and organise the curriculum content and coverage for their subject. They work alongside teachers, providing support where necessary.


Mrs J. Cross (K.S.1 Lead)

Miss S. Chaplin (K.S.2 Lead)


Mr J. Bevan

Miss L. Stamp


Mrs S. South

Mrs C. Fisher

Miss M. Reed


Mrs L. Summerton

Miss C.Allen




Miss N. Weeks

Mr P. Hollamby


Mrs J. Brenchley


French (Primary Languages)

Mrs K. Russell


Miss H. Ralph

Mr A. Farquhar



Miss C. Allen

Miss A. Lonsdale


Mr A. Parnham

Miss L. Simmons


Miss S. Perkins

P.S.H.E (inc. R.H.E)

Miss M. Willis

Miss T. Davies


Mrs C. Brown

Community Team

Mr J Day

Miss A de Costobadie


Our H.L.T.A Team

Our H.L.T.A team support learning & teaching across the school.

Mrs. C. Dabbs

Mrs M. Eady

Mrs I. Kooner

Mrs R. Young

Mrs A. Bachorska

Our Inclusion Team

Our inclusion team works together to support the needs of children across the school.

Mrs S. Farrell (S.E.N.D Co)                         Mrs N. Avis (Family Liaison Officer)

Mrs J. Hodges (S.E.N.D Co)

Miss Hall

Mx Liddle

Mrs Ottaway

Mrs Sander

Mrs Mercer

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Harrison

Mrs Warham

Mrs  Jeary

Mr Avis

Mrs Morris

Mrs Beames

Mrs Hickmott

Our Office Team


Mrs Fincham

Mrs Ames

Mrs Boughton

Mrs Butler